Take a break at Jack’s Cottage

May 2, 2019 | Maps | 0 comments

On your adventures, you ran across a small cottage sitting, lone in a field. A kindly old man, introducing himself as Jack, invites you in. The smell of a stew on a warm hearth draws you in. But what awaits?

Jack’s Cottage consists of a basement/workshop area, a main room with a small dining area and small bed, along with stairs to the top floor where you can see a large bed, crib, and a few other pieces of furniture. 

This is a (much) smaller map than our first, measuring at 7″ x 9″ – small enough to print each floor on a single sheet of paper, but we still made sure it was designed and ready to go with the same quality!

Download these maps over on Patreon, and, please, we’d love to hear stories of your adventures at the Cottage!


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