Welcome to Monstrum!

Apr 26, 2019 | Freebies, Maps | 0 comments

The sounds of clinking mugs, the crackle of a fireplace, and the off-key warble of a bard singing along with the twangy strings of a lyre.

Hi there, hello, and have a seat!

We’re excited to bring you our first map. It was an ambitious project and one that I have thoroughly enjoyed working on. There’s been a lot of learning¬†and doing and learning and redoing ad nauseum. But that’s because we want to make these maps *perfect* for you and your games.

The first map we bring you is our version of the Trollskull Manor (or, maybe just a generic tavern ;)). With four floors and a cellar, this manor is huge. It’s a 15″x11″ and, with the included 3D views of the front and back, you’ll be able to see more ways for your characters to get in trouble. Have a rogue that prefers climbing in through a window? Or a druid that loves walking through the kitchen with some fresh herbs? You’ll be able to see the doors and windows in the 3D views in addition to seeing them marked off on the overhead.

Download these maps over on Patreon, and, please, we’d love to hear stories of your adventures in the tavern!


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...Stalk Monstrum...

Banner image used in the Monstrum watermark created by Deven Rue.

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